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It's Back!

Dandaragan Organic Beef is back in store!

Want a juicy scotch....rump? Maybe even some osso bucco for the cold nights?

Dandaragan Organic supplies certified organic grass fed and grass finished beef without the use of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

Focused on sustainable and ethical farming, Dandaragan Organic Beef delivers on taste and nutrition.

"We use low stress stock handling methods to ensure that our cattle are quiet and contented. Usually that means we can open a gate and whistle for the cattle to go into the next paddock instead of rounding cattle up with utes and motorbikes. The cattle are happy to move because they know they are moving onto a new paddock with fresh pastures.

We breed the majority of our own cattle, using both Red Angus and Square Meater cattle breeds. The calves stay with their mothers for a minimum of nine months and are weaned using low stress methods. We also buy in extra cattle from a local organic producer who uses the same farming principles in order to meet demand."

Check it out in store or contact us for your order!

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