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Our aim as a butcher shop is to offer meat that has been raised in well-established holistic grazing systems

and allowing animals to not only help to restore and REHYDRATE THE LANDSCAPE, but to be raised in low stress and optimal nutrimental environment.


LOCAL Farmers involved with MDB have recognised that returning our soils and water ways back to their natural health has become their top priority. There are specialised practices that allows the farmers to recharge the local aquifer and reduce the agricultural wastage that runs into our oceans and fishing grounds. 


Everyone has a different way of improving our agriculture, and the likes of Yanget and Tara Beef, have found a way to supply a large demand of quality meat and improving our Australian Landscapes at the same time. 

Simple methods are able to provide happier and healthier lives for the animals on the farm with benefits for consumers. A change in management of our agriculture can increase the capacity of the land to draw out CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil as carbon creating a positive impact on CLIMATE CHANGE. By increasing microbial life below ground, it results in more fertility, reduction of needs of chemical inputs and no damaging run off into the ocean or our local fishing grounds. 

At the end of the day, the farmers will be leaving healthier soils for our future generations and ecosystems and by MDB supplying these quality products we hope we are able to support these farmers and encourage more farmers to do so! 


Lucky for the Midwest, Mick Davey Butchers have continued to grow their stock availability of local regenerative Grass Fed and Grain Finished stock. 

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