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Your One-Stop Butcher Shop since 1908

Healthy Landscape - Healthy Food - Healthy People

In 2021 we turned a lifelong love of the land to be able

to present to you direct from local farmers into our

butcher shop a range of local beef, lamb, pork, chicken and more!  

We look out for farmers that are not only local, but also provide quality meat with a story of how they are pushing towards sustainability of our agriculture. 



Interested in our land care - see ENVIRONMENTAL Page for more info.


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Mel S

This place is absolutely top notch for both service and quality. We are passing through town and heading remote in our caravan and wanted to stock up on quality grass fed meat. We dropped into the shop to see what was in stock and sent an email order that afternoon. Picked up our order the next day cryo vacced and frozen into the exact size/weights I needed. Thanks so much guys well worth the $!
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Vaughan Louwrens

Best butcher in town! The quality of their meat is unbeatable. Fantastic variety of meat and ready made products great for weeknight dinners. Great value for money when you compare to the quality you get at the large supermarkets!
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Steve Domney

Thoroughly pleased with the Grass Fed Scotch-fillet; sausages with chorizo & tomato-onion were low in fat, high in flavour.. our best recommendation for this butcher. Thank you Jace for your charming customer service 🌟
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MDB have gathered farmers in the Midwest and

Western Australia to supply their local community with

quality meat.

From Grass Fed to Grain Finished, our farmers have adopted their own regenerative practices that improve the

WA agriculture and environment for future generations.

MDB's aim is to provide the community with local product that comes from a rehydrated, regenerated and well managed agriculture.

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Grilling to In-House Creations

Our vast assortment of the finest cuts is a meat-lover’s delight. For those of you who want us to point you in the right (and delicious) direction, you can find below our top picks. These are what we call the best of the best.



Great to impress at the friends BBQ



In-House made stuffed with bacon, spinach, mozzarella and cream cheese



Great to add to red meat and seafood for extra flavour! 

Created by Laian Restaurant with our Marrow bones. 

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165 Marine Terrace, Geraldton WA 6530, Australia

08 9921 2076

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